Should You Transition? 3 Tips For Gender Questioners

I’m reblogging this too, fantastic three points and I’ve learned a lot. It is important to make the process personal, transition ought detail personal values, not societal ideals. There is perpetual balancing, so the less burdens we try to carry, the freer we are. Thank you for this post, it feels like a bedrock article and should be widely read.

Today I Am A Man

We’re not the only ones who go through metamorphosis. Maria Sibylla Merian, 1705. Thanks to Alma for pointing me to Merian’s work. Source.

Whether to undergo gender transition is a profound and challenging decision. It’s a question each gender-variant person has to answer for themself. As someone whose life has been transformed for the better by transition, I wanted to share a few ideas that might be useful to those wondering where to go next.

First, a reframe. In most cases the question is not so much, “Should I transition?” but rather “How should I transition?” In the broadest sense, transition is a process of personal growth and change in which we adjust our lives, self-expressions, bodies and social roles to foster a healthier, happier and more harmonious existence. The list of possible transition steps is endless, and no two transitions are exactly alike. For some folks, transition…

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